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In the year 1956 the Lord placed on the heart of the Reverend J.W. McCrory to organize a church. It was under the guidance of the Reverend.J. Mitchell, the Mt. Period Missionary Baptist Church was organized, then located at 499 E. Long St. Rev. McCrory served faithfully and under his leadership the church began to grow. While serving the Mt. Period Missionary Baptist Church, the Lord called him home. The Lord then placed on the hearts of the members to call the Reverend Frank Flemister to pastor their church. After his resignation the Reverend Mutual Burton was called; the Reverend Benny Colquit succeeded him as pastor. 

In June 1974 preliminary plans were drawn up for the proposed new church edifice to be located at 462 Kimball Place, for the sum of $13,000.00.  In October 1974   the congregation was blessed with an eleven passenger chateau station wagon for the transportation of the saints.  Final plans were drawn up and made ready for approval in December 1974, for the erection of our new church edifice.   Plans for the construction of our new church edifice were approved and adopted in the year 1975, and the ground breaking date was set. 


March 7, 1976 a “Ground Breaking Service” was held at 462 Kimball Place.  Those participating in the ground breaking were, Pastor & Sis. Carter, Sis. Irene McCrory, Deacon Alonzo Rice, Trustee Joseph Carter, Jr. (In memory of Trustee Joseph Carter, Sr.), Trustee Henry O. Leftridge, Chairman of Trustee Board, and Deacon Buford Thomas, Chairman of Deacon Board. With $7,000.00 remaining in our church building fund treasurer, we were blessed to begin construction of our new church edifice in August 1976.  The adjoining property was purchased for the sum of $9,000.00 for the proposed educational and dining facilities.

Sunday November 7, 1976 at 3:00 PM a “Corner Stone Laying Service” was held for the new church edifice, with the Saint Paul Lodge No. 3 in charge of the ceremony.  The Reverend M.J. Mitchell was the preacher for the worship service.


Sunday July 14, 1977, we marched from the 1140 E. Main St. location, into our new church edifice, located at 462 Kimball place with Pastor Jerry M. Carter cutting the ribbon.  Our Sunday Church School continued to grow, and the membership swelled to 350 members. Under the spirited leadership of our Pastor, Rev. Jerry M. Carter, Sr. The Chapel, Fellowship Hall and Conference Room were dedicated in Memory of the following; Rev. James Carter, Sr. (Chapel); Bro. Joseph Carter, Sr. (Fellowship Hall , January 16, 1980); Sis. Irene McCreary, (Conference Room –February 6, 1980)


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