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Through relevant and impactful ministry, our hope is to connect with people and communities by the Word of God, making disciples of Jesus Christ, who make a difference in the world. We seek a wholeness ministry that embraces body, mind, and soul, encouraged and edified through and by the Holy Spirit. 

With the aid and guidance of Biblical teaching, informed preaching, and solid and sensible fellowship, we want to groom and grow the Kingdom of God centered on Calvary and the victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We Are Community

We are a community who welcomes all who seek Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. Our doors are always open in a spirit of love, acceptance and embrace. Hope to see you soon in the Sanctuary!

we care

Looking for volunteers for our "WE CARE MINISTRY," as we build community through evangelism, service work, sharing, sustaining, and giving. Come join us!

We invest

Help us grow the Kingdom! Our vision is to expand God's territory in our community. To provide assistance, support, programs, and housing that impact and benefit God's people. Will you help us! Please click to give, we are on the move!

we are christian women

Christian Women Fellowship is a close group of women committed to ministry, support, encouragement, and progress. Come be apart of this unique ministry aimed at growing our fellowship. Ladies we are looking for you! 

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How can we grow our youth ministry? How can we get them back in the church? How can we develop a ministry for our young adults that is attractive and exciting? We need your input and ideas. Lets talk, find ways to engage a complex generation. Are you up for the challenge!?

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